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Production Designer

based in London

“All tales, then, are at some level a journey into the woods to find the missing part of us,

to retrieve it and make ourselves whole. Storytelling is as simple - and complex - as that.” 

― John Yorke, Into the Woods

Passionate about visual storytelling, from the very inception of an idea, through to the final result,

Agnieszka brings a wide range of references

and an outsider’s eye for detail to every project

she works on.


Having grown up and studied in Warsaw, Poland,

she draws on her European sensibility in filmmaking and design, while continually expanding and growing.


Her commitment to strong, narrative led design, insatiable curiosity and love of a challenge

has allowed her the pleasure of working with

highly creative and visually expressive directors.


Agnieszka established her studio in London in 2004. Since then she has continued to expand

the network of talented professionals

with whom she collaborates

to make anything possible on regular basis.

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